Pluto Plus


PLUTO PLUS - medium size minehunting ROV

Pluto Plus - medium size minehunting ROV

PLUTO PLUS is the medium size Idrobotica ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicle) having a primary use in MINE IDENTIFICATION and MINE DISPOSAL up to 400 m depth.

PLUTO PLUS is capable of countermining missions in up to 3 knots tidal current and lack of visibility conditions.
A smart combination of medium power high speed vehicle with the smallest communication cable and special to purpose imaging sonar make PLUTO PLUS the most popular minehunting vehicle.

PLUTO PLUS is the ideal workhorse complement of the most modern and advanced Mine Countermeasures Vessels (MCMV).
Unique technical solutions allow remote control via wireless radio link.
Autonomous preprogrammed missions, allow pilot chance to take up manual control at any time if required.
High performance: missions in 3 knots current, zero visibility, 400 m depth.


Dimensions: 2250 x 580 x 770 mm
Mass: 320 kg
Payload: 100 kg
Maximum depth: 400 m
Maximum speed: >6 kn
Endurance: up to 2 hours at 3 kn
Sonar range: 0.5 m to 120 m (optional 400 m)
Umbilical cable: length 2000 m single optical fiber
diameter 3.5 mm
reiforced to 300 kg
slighly floatable