Pluto Palla


PLUTO PALLA - Lightweight ROV for deep sea exploration

PLUTO PALLA - Lightweight ROV for deep sea exploration

PLUTO PALLA is a small size ROV designed for deep scientific observations down to 2000 meters depths.

PLUTO PALLA is an “eyeball” shaped compact inspection ROV characterized by its compactness, lightweight and portability, making it deployable from any small craft of opportunity and suitable for scientific observation, ocean floor inspections and much more.

The unique compact characteristics allow the entire system to be transported in the trunk of any mid-size car, embarked aboard any kind of a vessel and immediately deployable without the need of fixed on board installation.  PLUTO PALLA grants unprecedented underwater scientific research possibilities and exceptional visual inspection capabilities.



Easy launching of a small vehicle weighing only 60 kg. Fast dive (1000 m in 15 minutes) using disposable ballast.

Inspection mode #1: vehicle hanging on the umbilical cable, yawing and moving horizontally by remote operated propulsion and adjusting depth by umbilical cable pay out or recovery.

Inspection mode #2: following ballast release the vehicle acquires full ROV maneuverability in the water volume, taking advantage of:

  • a very small umbilical cable only 3.5mm diameter slightly floatable
  • battery operated vehicle allows 4 hours average inspection time
  • fast return to surface (1000m in 15 minutes) and easy recovery aboard


    PLUTO PALLA includes 4 main items: the vehicle, the umbilical cable winch, the control console and the battery charger.


    The main body is a carbon fibre sphere 45 cm diameter housing all electronics. The sphere can be tilted up and down + – 90°. A high definition video camera, a still camera, a LED (high intensity floodlight) illumination lamp, navigation sonars, are all tilting at the same time.
    Two carbon fibre battery pods.
    Two horizontal and two vertical high efficiency thrusters, pressure compensated.

    Weight in air: 58 kg
    Weight in water: +0.5kg as a full mobility ROV or-10kg ballasted for descent and hanging eyeball
    Dimensions: (H-W-L) 68 cm - 68cm - 68cm
    Speed: (approx) forward 3 knots
    reverse 2 knots
    down 1 knot on motors – 2 knots ballasted
    up 0.5 knot on motors – 2 knots by pulling umbilical up
    Automatic controls on depth, course and speed

    TV camera: high performance HD full high definition camcorder AVCHD recording format on flash memories up to 6 hours remote operated on focus-wide tele-rec navigation data spoken on audio track video image un surface console with overlaying data
    Still camera: 12 megapixels fully remote operated
    Illumination: LED (high intensity floodlight) equivalent to 150W halogen

    Search and navigation sonar: 200kHz 8°beamwidth looking at the centre of the TV screen, ranges 120 m - 60 m - 30 m, fast A-scan display for navigation and possibility of generating 90°wide sector maps with true compass bearing references and distances.
    Responder for underwater positioning and tracking, 1000m slant range.
    Compass, inclinometer, depth transducer.


    Powered drum with 2000m of fibre optical cable, 3.5mm diameter, fibres reinforced to 200kg breaking strength and slightly floatable in sea water (an optional version with 4500m is available).
    Automatic control of pulling force adjustable from 0 to 12kg, control can be local or from the console. Metres counter of cable out. Voice communication station to and from console.
    24 VDC – 25A
    Dimensions: (H-W-L) 660 x 500 x 540mm Weight: 60 kg


    Flat screen for video image and overlay of navigation parameters, system sensitive information, sonar
    Two joystics for manual vehicle maneuvering, one lever for cable management control, acoustic beeper to make the pilot aware of the cable unrolling or winding up, all pushbuttons and levers to control each function
    24 VDC – 3A
    Dimensions: (H-W-L) 105(335) x 280 x 250 Weight: 4 kg


    Power converter to recharge the vehicle’s batteries and to supply power to cable winch-control console
    Input 100-240VAC – max 1600W

    ISO 9001:2008