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Increased performance with the new Lithium Polymer power system designed for Pluto Plus family ROVs.

Idrobotica has developed and successfully tested a completely new Lithium Polymer power system for its line of Pluto Plus family of ROVs.

The first sets of Li-Po systems have been successfully integrated in an important upgrade of a series of PlutoPlus vehicles which have been in operation with one of our many customers fornearly 20 years. The upgrade featured a general mechanical and cosmetic overalland the integration of the new power pack.
The new Li-Po systems is completely interchangeable with the standard Lead Acid Battery pack and provides for the following system improvements:

The Li-Po package is composed of two separate packs of cells. 
Each of the two battery packs is constantly monitored by the specifically designed Battery Management System (BMS) which is capable of constantly monitoring the discharge voltage and temperature of each of the cells.
In the event of cell failure, the system is designed to isolate the faulty pack without compromising overall system operability.