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MULTIPLUTO ROV exhibited at Oceanology International 2016 London.

MULTIPLUTO ROV exhibited at Oceanology International 2016 London. 
“It looks like no other ROV”
 was the unanimous comment of the many visitors who laid eyes on rov MULTIPLUTO.

In fact, MULTIPLUTO is like NO other ROV, bringing the abyss (-4000 m) in reach to new ways of exploration.


18th April, 2016 - CORSEMATIN.COM
"Le Saracen et le Crispi réunis par la légende"

Guido Gay, who has recently discovered the wrecks of the submarine HSM SARACEN and the steamship FRANCESCO CRISPI, during the Oceanology International shows us the new MULTIPLUTO ROV with the presence of Terry Hodgkinson, historian of naval history UK.

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