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Deep rov MULTIPLUTO launched to 1700 metres depth inspects the wreck of WW2 light cuiser Giovanni dalle BANDE NERE

Another success is projecting the Italian Navy surveying and monitoring capabilities to the depth of the abyss.

The wreck of the cruiser Giovanni dalle BANDE NERE, torpedoed and sunk by the british submarine HMS URGE on april 1st, 1942, lying split in several sections between 1460 and 1730 metres of water depth has been discovered by the minehunter VIESTE of the Italian Navy.

After a seabed mapping and discovery made by autonomous vehicle side scan sonar, all the located pieces have been inspected by the rov MULTIPLUTO recently acquired by the Italian Navy and operated by the crew of minehunter VIESTE.

(images courtesy of Marina Militare Italiana)