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Deep ROV MULTIPLUTO inspects WW1 wreck of the italian submarine GUGLIELMOTTI

During an exercise of the Minehunters GAETA and RIMINI, the Italian Navy has located and identified the wreck of WW1 GUGLIELMOTTI, rammed and sunk to a depth of 400 meters 102 years ago after having been mistakenly attacked by HMS Cyclamen on March 10th, 1917.

This has been a successful search carried out by the Italian Navy putting into operation their newly acquired MULTIPLUTO which was able to recognize and thoroughly inspect the wreck and  take a complete high quality photographic and video footage.

The deep rov MULTIPLUTO is a portable system (two pieces weighing 60kg each plus accessories) that can be quickly and easily moved by hand from ship to ship as per convenience of the user, nevertheless being capable of diving to 2000 meters depth.

(images courtesy of Marina Militare Italiana)