MIKI - small disposable ROV


MIKI is a small size disposable underwater ROV for MINE HUNTING, identification and destruction.

MIKI is the latest generation of Naval ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicle) designed for sea mine countermeasures, intended to be sacrificial, meaning that in case of positive mine identification and following to the pilot decision, MIKI can be exploded together with the mine.

MIKI satisfies the requirement of rapid mine clearance in crisis situations.

MIKI is then a single role vehicle that can stand besides the PLUTO PLUS and PLUTO GIGAS to complete the equipment of a typical minehunter ship.
(Larger powerful vehicles PLUTO PLUS and PLUTO GIGAS are more versatile and more efficient in all other situations and they are the only answer in case of strong tidal current)


  • Self-contained blast charge big enough to create sympathetic explosion of the mine
  • It does not need aiming and is highly efficient to destruction of bottom mines and floating mines
  • A shaped charge can replace the blast and is best suited to counter moored mines. Vehicles are usually delivered complete, although both warheads can be easily and safely handled separate from the vehicle and reinstalled at choice on board the minehunter vessel
  • Both charges are provided with non-equivocal disarming procedure to allow safe vehicle recovery in case a mission is interrupted
  • Unusual configuration of control surfaces ensures outstanding manoeuvrability and maximum propulsion in all conditions
  • Reusable control cable (MIKI comes with a tail to which the reusable cable is connected)
  • Control cable can be used to pull back the vehicle
  • MIKI comes as a complete independent system or it can be connected to and controlled by the PLUTO fixed installation on board the minehunter


Mass: 50 kg
Top speed: up to 6 knots
Max depth: 300 m (600 m optional)
Endurance: 60 minutes at maximum speed
Wire guided max range: 2000 m

MIKI of one of our many customer navies