The Company


The Company

World leader in the design and manufacture of ROV Systems with over 40 years of expertise. Offering a complete set of solutions dedicated to defense, science and institutional organizations.

In the mid 70’s, the pioneering era for Underwater Remotely Operated Vehicles, Ing. Guido Gay started developing in Italy his first ROV named “FILIPPO”.
Soon after that, the number one of the PLUTO family was ready and it quickly collected unexpected success in the Navies community.
Idrobotica has been established in Switzerland in the late 80’s.

The first sales of PLUTO to a number of foreign Navies have stimulated Idrobotica to the development of more powerful and advanced ROV systems, paving the way to the successful PLUTO PLUS, PLUTO GIGAS, MIKI, PLUTO PALLA and MULTIPLUTO; all of them natural evolutions of the original PLUTO.

History of the company in pictures

1970s - the beginning: FILIPPO


FILIPPO comes to light

First sea trials of FILIPPO


FILIPPO prototype presented

at Oceanology International Brighton

First job in the North Sea


Production of FILIPPO started

Numerous units sold

2015: one FILIPPO still in service in Switzerland for dam inspection.

1980s - success of PLUTO


PLUTO comes to light

Production of PLUTO started


PLUTO filming Jacques Mayol world record, diving to -105 m


Numerous PLUTO systems sold

to 10 Navies around the world for mine countermeasures purposes

1990s - consolidation: PLUTO PLUS



PLUTO PLUS becomes the standard vehicle for Mine Hunting Ships


PLUTO PLUS upgrades

PLUTO PLUS has undergone two major modernisations of the electronics, in addition to batteries and illumination updating.
The system structures remained unchanged, further validating its durable design for top performance.

A lot of units in operation

25 years later PLUTO PLUS is still the indispensable weapon system for MHS

2000s - advent of  PLUTO  GIGAS  top gear




PLUTO GIGAS systems are now in service

with 3 Navies for heavy duty mine countermeasures.