• Pluto Gabbia
    PLUTO GABBIA successfully tested to 1200 m depth
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  • Multiplito - deep sea portable ROV
    the new deep sea portable ROV
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  • ROV system for defence and governmental applications
    and governmental applications
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  • ROVs for underwater inspections
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  • Radio Buoy wireless ROVs control
    unique radio controlled sea bed ROV operations
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  • Pluto Palla portable ROV
    up to -4000 m depth
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  • Monitoring and Control Console Systems ROV
    complete sets for ship and ROV command and control
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Idrobotica is world leader in ROV systems for defense sea mine countermeasures and deep underwater observations.
Technology originators for battery powered ROVs since 40 years.

Idrobotica products

For the success of your mission, whether it is deep sea scientific research, archeological observation or defense oriented underwater inspection, Idrobotica, can deliver the optimum ROV system.

Idrobotica news

Deep rov MULTIPLUTO launched to 1700 metres depth inspects the wreck of WW2 light cuiser Giovanni dalle BANDE NERE

Another success is projecting the Italian Navy surveying and monitoring capabilities to the depth of the abyss.The wreck of the cruiser Giovanni dalle[...]

Deep ROV MULTIPLUTO inspects WW1 wreck of the italian submarine GUGLIELMOTTI

During an exercise of the Minehunters GAETA and RIMINI, the Italian Navy has located and identified the wreck of WW1 GUGLIELMOTTI, rammed and sunk to [...]

Increased performance with the new Lithium Polymer power system designed for Pluto Plus family ROVs.

Idrobotica has developed and successfully tested a completely new Lithium Polymer power system for its line of Pluto Plus family of ROVs.The first set[...]