Idrobotica is world leader in ROV systems for defense sea mine countermeasures and deep underwater observations.
Technology originators for battery powered ROVs since 40 years.

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For the success of your mission, whether it is deep sea scientific research, archeological observation or defense oriented underwater inspection, Idrobotica, can deliver the optimum ROV system.

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SEAFUTURE 5th Edition - La Spezia Navy Base

Thursday, 26 May 2016 -  Guido Gay will present the latest innovations of PLUTO underwater robotics.SEAFUTURE is the only exhibition in Italy ded[...]

MULTIPLUTO ROV exhibited at Oceanology International 2016 London.

MULTIPLUTO ROV exhibited at Oceanology International 2016 London. “It looks like no other ROV”  was the unanimous comment of the ma[...]

The Italian Navy calls PLUTO PALLA to recover an object of interest from 1000m depth

As announced by the Italian Navy News (Press release in Italian) our rov PLUTO PALLA has been taken on board a Minehunter ship for deployment in the G[...]